13:15 pm

Reception and registration

1:45 pm

Welcome and introduction
Monika Jones, business presenter, Deutsche Welle

1:50 pm

Opening of the conference
Wolfgang Späth, Chairman, Pro Generika e.V.

2:00 pm

Opening keynote
Jens Spahn, MP, Federal Minister of Health Germany

2:40 pm

Short break

Security of supply and shortages: Best practice in Europe?

2:50 pm

Introductory speech: Why shortages of medicines require joint action
Christoph Stoller, President, Medicines for Europe

3:05 pm

Panel discussion: : Best practices to prevent shortages
Prof. Dr. Karl Broich, President, Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArm)
Christoph Stoller, President, Medicines for Europe
Tiemo Wölken, Member of the European Parliament

3:50 pm

Short break

For a balance between affordability and access to medicines

4:00 pm

Reducing costs or securing supply – which approach will shape the future
Nick Haggar, CEO, Zentiva
Prof. Dr. Christoph Straub, CEO, BARMER

4:45 pm

Short break

Made in Europe: How can a European (industrial) policy strengthen security of supply?

4:55 pm

Global API Landscape: production and supply, a study by MundiCare
Dr. Andreas Meiser, Managing Director, MundiCare GmbH

5:10 pm

Panel discussion: What an EU industrial policy should look like
Ana Marti, General Counsel, Medichem, S.A.

5:55 pm

Short break

6:05 pm

A word or two – The F.A.Z talking to Thierry Breton
Kim Björn Becker, political editor, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market

6:35 pm

Conclusion and outlook

6:40 pm

End of the webcast 

All German sessions will be translated simultaneously into English.

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Thierry Breton

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Prof. Dr. Karl Broich

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Nick Haggar

Business presenter, Deutsche Welle

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Monika Jones

General Counsel, Medichem, S.A.

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Ana Martí

Managing Director, MundiCare GmbH

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Dr. Andreas Meiser

Federal Minister of Health

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Jens Spahn, MP

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Wolfgang Späth

President, Medicines for Europe

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Prof. Dr. Christoph Straub

Member of the European Parliament

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