European Economic Conference


Mission Statement

The European Economic Conference is a collaboration between Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.), the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin (ESMT) and United Europe e.V. The conference will create a platform for major European debates in Berlin. It is directed at high-calibre representatives from European business, politics and science and aims to provide a place where European ideals can be practiced and people can talk more with each other again, rather than about each other.

Topics which are fundamental to the positive development of a free European economy and society will be addressed from an economic, political and scientific perspective.

  • What stimuli are emanating from Berlin for Europe?
  • Who will prevail in the global rivalry between the economic areas?
  • What impact is the Covid-19 pandemic having on the common European economic area?
  • Is Europe being left behind in terms of artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalisation, or has any existing gap been reduced by the accelerated digitalisation during the pandemic?
  • How can the EU’s internal solidarity be strengthened so that its sovereignty vis-à-vis e.g. China, the USA or Russia can be enhanced?

The aim of the discourse of the one-day conference with editorial support is on the one hand to reflect the general economic and political “climate” and on the other hand to inject new stimuli for further development. By gathering defining figures from European business, politics and science together, we also hope to promote networking and an intense personal exchange of ideas.

The main day of the conference will be complemented by an exclusive pre-event evening, which will enable direct discussion between speakers and selected conference participants during an inspirational supporting programme.

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